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The book describes more than book about netsukes for sale 100 netsuke, inro and tobacco implements ( 360º pictures showing every side of the pieces). Size: 235 x 325 mm. Full color printing. Each volume consisting of approximately 350 pages.

Richly illustrated with over 500 color plates. The text is both in english and french, with book about netsukes for sale some japanese annotations.

Antique netsukes are made of animal materials like bones and teeth, mainly from cattle, and coral. Even animal ivory was book about netsukes for sale taken from the tusks of elephants, walruses, and mammoths to be used in the book about netsukes for sale creation of these small, purse- like accessories. Each ivory aged differently, giving a unique look to each netsuke book about netsukes for sale created. Ahead of our art of japan sale at christie’ s king street, we spoke with hollis goodall, co- author of a book about netsukes for sale definitive book about netsuke and curator of japanese art at the los angeles county museum of art, book about netsukes for sale about their history, significance and collectability. Collectors' netsuke [ raymond bushell] on amazon. * free* shipping on qualifying offers. In this volume ( 9th reprint) mr. Bushell speaks primarily to the experienced collector, to the connoisseur.

Netsukes are worn above the obi book about netsukes for sale of the kimono, fastened to a rope or cord which is passed under the obi, and strung onto the inro. Japanese netsuke can be made from book about netsukes for sale a wide variety of materials including ivory, hardwood, clay or porcelain, metal, and in rare cases, even walnuts or coral. The most common medium for creating is ivory netsuke. Netsuke: 100 miniature masterpieces from japan [ noriko tsuchiya] on amazon. Intricately carved from various materials including ivory, wood and metal, these tiny sculptures served a practical purpose in book about netsukes for sale japan: a netsuke was used as a toggle to fasten personal accessories to a man’ s sash

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